March 12, 2009

Come, sit ... have some tea

This has to be the refrain heard most often all over India. Welcome the guests, make them comfortable, offer hospitality i.e., a cup of tea ( or twenty ). And then ... chat, gossip, or rant to your heart's content. We do love to talk, dont we?

First things first, the warm welcome accompanied by a hot cup of tea. As light and close to coloured water as you like, or as murky and cut-with-a knife thick as the roadside tea-stalls brew. Then, there's the masala chai ... fragrant, spicy, ginger-cardamom infused tea, as Indian as it can get.

Take your pick. Get comfortable. And let's chat!


  1. hi,
    I'm hear ... wow I like your blog you've done it up well I really mean it...(typical Indian guest ain't I) ;)
    Hey Sunita great you used this template ... I was looking around at this one (right side column one)good you've given me a fair idea of how wide it is... I hate how limited I am with the snaps...and them Coty (over at styling with Coty told me she uses this one)
    Aaahhhh ... I like that fish bowl with your stones ...
    O.K lady post up ...wait up

  2. Hey Rajee, great to see you here. You're now officially the very first guest at Chai 'n Spice. And you've chosen to follow this blog too! Wow! Thanks... it was getting lonely in here with all those blank spaces :D
    These wide open spaces are great for photos though, arent they? This one is called Minima Stretch.
    Yes, that's the fish bowl I was telling you about. At the moment though, its only holding the stones from our trip to Manali and some shells from Goa.

  3. Lovely blog!! Can I please have masala chai... I'd also like a few Parle G to go with it... Yuumm!!!

    Cant wait to read more posts from you... Sunita!!!

  4. Hi Patricia! Masala chai ... I love it too! When I was working at an ad agency, the peon there used to make the most fantastic masala chai. I still dream of that!
    Okay that's one masala chai with Parle-G (to start with). Have you ever seen the Parle factory? Every time we drive past, we get the most heavenly smells of hot, baking biscuits... they could easily charge me for just standing there and I would willingly pay!