March 16, 2009

Damn ! I'm old !

Here's the very cheerful discovery I made thanks to the papers today. I'm old ! Over the hill ! Ancient!
In fact I was old at 27!

Excuse me! I was busy having babies at 27 ! That isn't old. No way !
But there is the little matter of forgetting names (too frequent to be comfortable) , the struggle to remember why I entered a certain room so purposefully, and that slight twinge in the knee when I try to run up the stairs (okay, so I walk; 'run' just sounded better ) ... aah well! I guess I am old .

At least that's what a new study says... you are old at 27 ! (why is it echoing in here?) And 22 is the age when you're most likely to have your big brainwave of an idea. Why ? 'Coz that's when your brain peaks, apparently. And from there it's all downhill. How depressing.

So... will they start giving out pensions at this ripe old age ?


  1. Old.... my ... #^%&%$@#$ @#@&*@^#@,who we ... you mean I'm bloody young at heart and rearing to go... waiting for my lil' one to grow up and I'm off to discover the life I love and as I know it... all those counting years ... I'll give them many more to count and sob ... I'm out to have fun ... and I know Sunita is joining my club ... hellow ol' lady ... ;D what say you we starta biker club ... or something even cooler ...what you say...

  2. ROFL! Rajee, I can just picture us, in black leather to boot !
    I'm sure we'll have many members from our blogging community itself.
    Have you seen those plaques which say " Young at heart... slightly older in other places" !!
    Heck, That could be our anthem! LOL!

  3. I like the sound of this ... how loud can you whistle ...just howler... I'm sure I can hear you across the bay

  4. I forgot to add ... mine should read "a lot older in other places".
    LOL! Rajee, the traffic outside my apartment is so high on testosterone that you wouldn't hear me across the room, forget across the Great Divide !

  5. How cool:-))

    Will drop in often:-))


  6. Hi Arch ! Great seeing you here. Yeah, do drop by soon, and make sure you stop for some chai when you do ;)