March 19, 2009

Natural protection

From Hollywood to Malibu, the Cote d'Azur to Juhu, the glam-dolls and A-listers will soon be wearing ... hippo sweat!
Throw away your outdated tubes of sunscreen loaded with chemicals and get natural. Hippo is the way to screen, it seems.

Remember all those Discovery and National Geo programs which zoomed in close on 'bleeding' hippos only to tell you,"ha! ha! that's not blood, folks, but sweat. Isn't that amazing!" .
Now this amazing sweat is proving to be more incredible than anyone ever thought, going by the efficiency with which it scatters light and protects from sunburn.

But hey, don't we put up with enough sweat as it is, especially in India? In trains and buses, classrooms and queues... now we're going to slather hippo sweat on us too?

Can you imagine that classic come-on line substituted with, "will you rub some hippo sweat on me, please? "


  1. Did you watch Madagascar 2? All this talk of hippo sweat reminds me of the hippos in the movie!

  2. Gloria the Madagascar hippo! One of my favourite characters, but then so was Marty the zebra. No, I never got around to watching Part 2 but I loved the original one.
    Can you imagine what Gloria would've said if she found out about our new sun-screen? "about time!", I'm sure :D