March 13, 2009

Union memsaab?

Apparently there is a move in Kerala to organise a trade union for housewives. I read about it in an opinion poll in Mumbai Mirror and was totally intrigued by the idea. So many ideas and possibilities, what-ifs and why-nots kept boomeranging around in my thoughts. Some thoroughly flippant, some deserving of deeper thought.

If implemented, housewives would earn a minimum salary for doing everyday chores in their own homes. I wonder who would decide what that basic salary should be. And I wonder what they will base that decision on.

Will a housewife with a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dish-washer, etc. command a lower salary than her harder-worked sisters who are deprived of these electronic assistants ?

Will those with cooks and maids to help them, have to undergo a salary cut?

What if she isn't efficient at her work ... will she get a pink slip?

And what about the working women who rush back home after work and act the role of homemaker too?

Next, will the bread-winner of the family organise another trade union to take care of his own interests? I wonder what his demands will be !

Questions, questions... open Pandora's box and see what happens! What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I think; Go for it!

    All your questions can be answered by a suitable committee who will decide what the salary scales should be for doing what. No retirement, no pension, no PF - housewives are housebound slaves - they need a break. Especially if they are old by 27 :-)