April 7, 2009

Kexy isn't Sexy !

If you like words... just twisting them around, tasting them and licking your lips with them, then this one's for you.

A whole bunch of words are going to go off the board . You won't find them in any dictionary anymore and only you can save them . Dont laugh, but some of them are absolutely delicious. Throw them at Mr. Know-it-all at the desk down the corridor and watch his face stumble! Or toss them at hubby / wifey / kiddo in the middle of the spat of the century and walk away with the last word. Every time !

Okay, here's the deal. First go to Save the Word and try out some lovely, scrumptious words for yourself. You're sure to find some beauties !I loved these :

fallaciloquence : deceitful speech
As in, dont give me any of your fallaciloquence !

And you're going to love this one...
snollygoster : a shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician
(not my words, I swear! but I couldn't have said it better myself)
As in, we should know better than to invite those snollygosters to loot us every five years !

kexy : brittle, withered
As in, kexy just isn't sexy !

I wish I had known this one about 2 months ago when I was egging my son to study...
pigritude : laziness
As in, I can't believe your absolute pigritude when you know your exams are just 1 month away!

Go ahead, go to the site and pick out some luscious words for yourself... and use them! They're too good to throw away.

(I learnt that one over there... go find out what it means)


  1. Loved the words! I have not visited the site yet but if you see some fancy new words on my blog, you know where I got them from ;)

  2. Aditi, waiting to see your 'empowered' post :D
    But honestly, do go over. Some of those words are really funny in a crack-me-up kind of way.

  3. WOW... NICE!! thanks for introducign us to more words.. and the site!! Thanks

  4. Ooooo.Kkkkay .... lets see ... when it comes to pigritude ... I beat everyone at the list ... though I also do feel kexy,these days ... oh yeah ...definitely that one ... what with all those snollygosters suddenly popping out of their snoozygosterous holes (hey Sunita can I use some just made up words;) )and going about their fallaciloquence ... God help India ... and I think I need to rest ... I mean go to sleep ... guess after now ..it'll be my hubby dear looking for words to handle me ... watch out all my fellow bloggers ... Sunita is responsible ...if you suddenly find new gibberish on the net ... God ! Sunita ...these things are infectious ... and you are spreading it around ... watch it lady. :) :) :)

  5. Hey can I add another word to your list : Pulchritude .. it sounds Ugly ..guess what it means !

    Great post btw.. Shall visit the website soon .

  6. Thanks Patricia. Glad you liked this post :)

    Rajee... bravo! I bet you topped your class in 'make sentences with' exercises. That was a great one! :)
    Made up words? ... sure, make them up and use them so often that others use it too and, voila! another word is born :D

    Aswathy, 'pulchritude' is one of those words that make me feel like it has too much attitude ! Beautiful? ... whoever made up this one really made a mess of it, didn't he/she ? It not only sounds ugly and grotesque, but if you use it to compliment a lady, she's more likely to smash your face in !
    I just checked at the site however and 'pulchritude' seems to be in no danger of fading away for the time being. Looks like too many people are using it still ... and getting their face smashed in ?

  7. Lovely! Can't wait to try these on some of the grandiloquent braggarts I know!

  8. :D Go... demolish them, Kamini! :D

  9. Hey, this post was quite 'utible'.
    (I went and adopted this word, so I'll be promoting the use of it. It means 'useful').


  10. Fantastic! Now you're really getting into the spirit of the game! :D
    How smart of you to adopt such a utible word ! If it werent for my utter pigritude, I would've adopted some more ;D