July 14, 2009

Home by the sea

This has to be the ultimate home by the sea!
Okay, so I'm stretching facts a bit ... apparently 'this' is not a home but a restaurant on the sunny coat of Zanzibar, just down the beach from Monsoon Garden (sigh! I even love the name!).
But it looks more home-y, doesn't it?

I'm not too keen about the sunniness factor ... but isn't it way too cool a spot to dream awhile, safely perched on a rock, with the tides literally lapping at my feet?

(Image courtesy : Monsoon Garden)


  1. Oh Goody! Another Sunita post! I looked at this and giggled. According to Carlos' parents and Aunts and Uncles, Cuba was never hot because it had a breeze....

    Hmmm. I've been on the beach at my mother-in-laws condo which is less than 50 feet from the beach and gets similar (I would think) breezes, yet I'm toasted from the sun and it IS hot and humid even though Clearwater Beach, FL is farther north than Cuba (and yes, I realize it's on the Gulf of Mexico not in the Carribean which might make a difference.

  2. Lisa, also keep in mind that remembered breezes are always cooler! ;)
    I've found that a line of trees filtering that sea breeze always makes it cooler than straight-off-the-beach breezes.And this particular place has that too!

  3. Looks so balmy.
    When my children went to the Maldives, they said they stayed at a small cottage on stilts, one of many, with water lapping around. (This was the 5 star hotel!)

  4. That hotel in Maldives sounds dreamy, Raji. How very private! Absolutely no one near you except the fish.

  5. This cannot be for real! Fantastic!

  6. I agree, Lakshmi! Isnt it gorgeous?

    Kamini, you seem to be mirroring my reaction :) I just couldnt believe my eyes when I saw this.
    I wonder why its not better known. A location like that should make it world famous.

  7. Raji aunty, yes most hotels in the Maldives stretch out into the sea, with cottages on stilts.... on the beach, within arm's reach you can see small sand sharks, many of the cottages have glass floors, most spa beds are positioned above glass floors so that when you are getting a massage (and you are face down, looking through the gap in the cushioned headboard you can see fish swimming below you)

  8. Amazing! Ashvin, I can't even begin to imagine what that must be like.
    Do they get the 'Jaws'-type sharks though? Imagine looking down from your hotel room and seeing a Great White circling below you!
    But seriously, I think it must be really fantastic, almost like floating on the sea.

  9. How incredibly beautiful, would love to see it someday. :)

  10. Yes, isn't it, Rebecca? I think this one would go way up on an ever-growing wish-list :)