August 21, 2009

Co-writer to the world

Ever fancied yourself as an author? Join the whole world in writing a book! The project has come up with this brilliant idea of giving every person in this world a chance to co-write a book ... a snippet at a time!

The idea is to give each and every one of us ... from you, me and Chottu down the street, to Igor , Andre, Heather, Makame and Ling at the other corners of the globe ... a chance to write a snippet of the story, continuing from the first one published online by TWWAB team . Every day a new snippet is selected from all those submitted and the story rolls forward.

There is no pre-set plot ... that's up to you (and the 6 billion odd people populating this world) to decide. You can add new twists and turns, introduce new characters or kill them off, turn a hero into a villain or vice versa ... the mind boggles!

There are no guidelines except that you can submit only a snippet of 140 characters at a time and that you have to write it in english.

And here's where it gets really interesting ... the person with the most number of accepted snippets stands to win a Grand Prize of $25,000 !
Incentive enough? I would think that the chance to have a say in which way a story sways is more than good enough. But this really does sweeten the deal, doesn't it?

This book already looks set to become a best-seller to beat 'em all. After all, who wouldn't buy a book which they've written a part of ... even if that part is only 140 characters long! That's a definite market of about 6 billion books .

So what's the story so far? Read it here.
And hopefully your name is going to show up in that column in the accepted entry list.


  1. That is fantastic information.
    Thankyou !

  2. You're welcome! I hope I'm going to read your name and entry there soon.

  3. wow.... thats great!! I'm off to read your article.. Well done Sunita!!

  4. Hold on, Patricia! My snippet to fame isn't up there yet. I just found out about this project yesterday and just had to blog about it.

  5. nice information.Thanks for the comment on my blog.Thanks for suggesting a book to me .i hope you will visit my site often.

  6. Thanks, Lakshmi.
    About the book, you're welcome. I hope you get it; its quite an interesting read.