September 27, 2009

Happy birthday, Google!

I did a double-take when I dropped by the Google site today. Something was not quite right. And then I saw it!
Somebody had not done the proofreading right, I thought. And giggled a little to think of such a massive mistake... one tiny mis-spelling, one huge red face for someone.

Then I moved the mouse over it and found out that I should be laughing at myself instead. Someone at Google is very clever. That's their way of announcing that Google is 11!

Happy birthday, Google. Thanks for being around and saving the day on too many occasions to count.
Especially when my children have a project to submit on some topic I have no clue about and don't want to admit it !


  1. I didn't notice it till you pointed it out! And yes, life before Google was definitely part of the Dark Ages!

  2. Smart! And smart of you to catch it - most of us did not!

  3. I did the same double-take this morning! I just love Google's clever designs for special occasions, and my favorites are their April Fool's Day pranks.
    By the way, I've written a piece on Aunty-jis - the inimitable Tamil version, the maami. Do take a look when you have the time and inclination:

  4. Me too, Kamini. I love their clever graphics on the logo. Sometimes I think I go there and visit just to see their latest spin.
    I already did devour your maami-post, Kamini. Brilliant!It had me in splits. I just didn't leave a comment yet because I was reading on the run.

  5. Hmmm does that make me anally retentive ?? I noticed it on day one and saw the reference to the 11th birthday also...


  6. Well done, Ashvin! Far from being anally retentive, I think it shows you have a great sense of humour and an advanced stage of Googlitis.

  7. Thats one thing about Google.
    They always come up with innovative ideas.
    The other day I saw a bar code !!

  8. I wonder who's responsible for their very creative graphics? Maybe I should do a Google-check on that...