February 23, 2010

Tiger Words

With all the media frenzy over Tiger and all the pretties he had hiding in the woods, one of the most zany off-spins seems to be the new phrases it has putted on to the urban greens.
I just came across one of them : tiger's wife mad.
Which according to the Urban Dictionary means "the act of being so mad at someone that you find the item they cherish the most and beat them with it" .
Errrrmm .... so that's new?

So I can think of more ...
Tiger-burn : burn your advertising fingers on a seemingly great iconic brand ambassador who turns out to be a big embarassment.
I think Accenture knows what I'm talking about.

And how about 'tigorry'? That is, a very elaborate and public, apparently soul-baring, self-flagellating apology.
Who cares whether it is heart-felt? it's great PR. And, will possibly save more golf-clubs from being shaped around a car. And may ... just may... bring back some of those tiger-burnt dollars?

Quite frankly, I think the whole thing is a bit 'over-roared' (that's another one!). Way too much global attention and acres of newsprint have been devoted to something which has been going on probably since the time marriage was invented.
I mean, the man became a celebrity because he plays golf so devastatingly well. Not because of his squeaky-clean morals.
True, the man made a mess of his personal life. But, how about letting it remain personal?
Can we mute the roar now please?


  1. Sunita, yes I think so too. Anyway I am and was never interested in celebrity gossip. I can't be bothered to read or listen to all this rubbish. I guess some earn their bread and butter with this sort of gibberish!

  2. I think the reason why most people like to indulge in celebrity gossip is because its a way of reassuring themselves that the rich and famous do have troubles too, just like them.

  3. I totally agree. The day he made his "apology", the television channels here showed it over and over and over again. It was sickening to watch.
    Yet, Tiger was one of the most highly paid athletes - much of his income came from his endorsing various products and companies - and his image as a clean, honest good-guy athlete was what in large part got him all that money. He was not just out there quietly playing a good game of golf. He took on the aura of someone who is beyond human. The media is wholly to blame for making saints out of human beings.

  4. It is disturbing to think that the media is feeding us this because their research / surveys show that such news is what we actually want to see. How horrible!
    It makes you think, doesn't it? I wonder how many of those media-proclaimed nasty guys actually deserve that tag. And vice versa.