March 29, 2010

In a Moonshadow mood

I'm in a Cat Stevens mood right now. Okay, call him Yusuf Islam if you want but his music is still the same.
Soulful, soothing, beautiful and sheer poetry!
Bitter-sweet at times with a tinge of pain, but his songs all reach in and tug at the right heart-strings. Songs from decades ago, but I love the sound and the poetry of the lyrics!

The pure, fresh sounds of 'Morning has broken' makes me tingle right down to my toe-tips.

And I love the quirky logic of Moonshadow and the very mind-picture of someone "leaping and hopping on a Moonshadow" . I love the optimism ringing through the lyrics.

I found this very Dr. Seuss-y video of 'Where do the children play?' on YouTube but the childrens-book treatment doesn't take away the sensitivity of the song. It just adds to it.

I spent a good hour or 2 browsing through YouTube, listening to 'Peace Train', 'Wind', 'Maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong' and more. (Thank you, YouTube!)
But right through my YouTube searches for Cat Stevens' music today, I was disturbed to find a lot of slash-and-burn comments on his videos, based not on his music but on his choice of religion.
It's such a wild world!


  1. Oh dear....we really ARE twins separated at the bazaar....I also love Izitso! (the entire Album).

  2. I knew it, Lisa! :D
    I havent heard all the tracks from Izitso, just a few of them. Now that you've reminded me , I just have to go and rectify that :)

  3. I like Cat Stevens too :) We had 'In the groove' on the radio, in 1980s playing 'Wild world' and 'Moon Shadow' very often... the programme was presented by students and anybody who wished to (after an audition) - the songs still bring back memories of my school days.

    Sad about the personal comments :(

  4. IHM, that programme must've been really popular! Cat Stevens' songs remind me of lazy rainy days and yes, hostel days. Its my fave early morning music... why am I fooling myself? I can listen to it any time of the day!

  5. You had me at moonshadow. thank you for stopping by my blog, so i could discover your wonderful blog!! Today's a wonderful day. you've reminded me of moonshadow and another blogger mentioned andrew lloyd webber.

    :) I'm signing up to follow. please post more frequently! :)

  6. Hi GB! Great seeing you here. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog so hearing that you like mine is a great way to start the day :)
    Done! I'm a bit ashamed of the way I let Chai 'n Spice readers down. More posts more frequently and that's a promise!

  7. Hey Sunita, back here to check up on you. more posts please!


  8. *blush!* Sorry ... I was busy farming. Not a great excuse, I know, but it really did keep me away from Chai 'n Spice.
    More posts coming up really soon for sure.