September 8, 2010

Perfectly delicious blogs

Guess what I'm smiling about today? I found this perfectly delicious blog. Take a deep breath, sink back into a cushion and look at 1000 Awesome Things !

I particularly like #430 "Eating perfectly ridiculous things for breakfast" . Oh yeah! this is a blog after my own heart! mmmmhmm!
Now here's a very uncomfortable secret... I was almost named Sabrina by my father who was fresh from an 8-year stint in Edinburough! Now I have nothing against that name and I'm sure it sounds lovely on many girls, but it just isn't Me, if you know what I mean. I absolutely glory in my Indian-ness (though I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world!) and can't imagine not having an Indian name. So I identified oh so well with Awesome Thing #438 "Your Almost Name"!
So which Awesome Thing did you like best? It's perfectly okay (in fact, it's expected) to have more than one favourite.

And here's another blog which I just discovered. I think Broken Secrets is awesome! Professing to reveal the deepest, best-kept secrets on earth, each post is a revelation.

Where else can you find out how to get the most out of your printer ink cartridge just by twiddling around around with its memory?
Or that there is actually a prescribed etiquette for hot dogs ?
Or ... and this one I really needed to know ... how to increase mobile phone battery life when you're far from a charger?
But the one I loved the most was finding out a new keyboard shortcut. I spend hours surfing the Net and after some time I prefer to lean back on the cushions on my chair. Which is not the most comfortable way to surf as any Net addict can tell you. But here's the gem ... all you have to do is hit the Space Bar to scroll your browser down one page.
Old hat? Aaah, but I didn't know that. And I'm quite sure that there are at least a few of us surfers out there who didn't either.

Now here's the super-duper frosting on top and why I love the internet so much... I was tying myself into knots over how I could get a screenshot of the sites I mentioned above. I searched for instructions and found a whole lot of freeware and applications to download and since I'm a bit wary of downloading such stuff, I continued looking. Then, up popped Microsoft with the answer !

I'm feeling so extremely pleased with myself today. Truly AWESOME!


  1. Glad to see you're posting on Chai again, Sunita! Once I get home, I'll take a whirl and see if I can download some good aps!Thanks.

  2. Hi Lisa. I know that I've really neglected Chai 'n Spice. But no more. I'm back to blogging with a vengeance. good to see you're checking up on my blogs. Take care :)

  3. I had no idea about the space bar shortcut! Thanks for sharing! :)

    (now if someone could invent a way to do away with the tiresome "captcha" phrases we need to type in to prove our existence.......)

  4. You're welcome, GB :)
    Guilty! I've got those phrases on too in my comments box. I've been planning to take them off for ages but just never got around to it :P Totally agree about their tiresomeness quotient.

  5. Thanks for the links, Sunita. They look like fun sites, I will spend a productive morning checking them out! And Sunita is a lovely name: one of my closest friends in school is named Sunita, and it always brings back very warm memories.

  6. Welcome back, Kamini. Its great seeing you here again :)
    You have no idea how much I've wished that my parents had decided on one of those decidedly more exotic and beautiful Indian names. Obviously a whole generation of Indians liked the name Sunita and went overboard naming their daughters with this tag. One learns very early that there is no such thing as exclusivity when one is named Sunita!
    I'm sure your friend agrees ;D

  7. Hi Sunita! It was so nice to see you over at my new blog, and I appreciate your lovely comment... I haven't been garden blogging as much lately, but I will keep an eye on yours as your posts are always beautiful.

  8. Wonderful! It'll be lovely to have you here again, Anne. Thank you.

  9. Dear Sunita, A very happy new year to you and your family, and thanks for a year of wonderful reading from your blogs! Looking forward to much more,

  10. Thank you, Kamini, and you know that I wish the very same for you and your family too. Hope 2011 is fantastic for you and that it just keeps getting better.

  11. Sunita, I very much appreciate good tips which makes LIFE easy. Thank you for this one.
    I have left you a message on the Penta and bee but I am not sure if it has arrived. I check again.T.

  12. You're welcome, Trudi :) Actually, I just love this facet of blog-dom. Everyone passes on so many tips that they've found online and I've learned quite a few things here. I'm so glad you found this useful.
    And thank you for the comment about the Pentas and the blue banded bee. Yes, I did see it.

  13. Dear Sunita, just perusing; hello and good day; Trudi.

  14. Hi Trudi. Thanks for dropping by :)

  15. The spacebar shortcut is cool!
    Will check out the sites sometime :)

  16. Priya, they're really worth the visit. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there :)

  17. Hi Sunita,
    Me Sunita(real name)was nearly named sajni to rhyme with rajni but thank God for vinita and sunita. :))

  18. Hi Sunita-almost-Sajni. :)
    Was the name meant to rhyme with that of your sister? Our parents really had a tough time, didn't they? They had to find a name which was not too old-fashioned, nor too different. Thank God we have Baby Name books now! :D