November 7, 2011

Photo-happy in Mumbai

This bag-lady with upwardly mobile aspirations has my imagination whizzing on overdrive. Questions of the "I wonder ... " type keep bubling up in my mind every time I see this photo. I wonder why she chose that car to snooze on. And this was in quite a posh neighbourhood, armed to the teeth with security-men who delight in exercising their powers so I wonder why no one turned up to shoo her off.
Or maybe they recognised a kindred soul ... overworked, tired and just aching for a quick shut-eye.
But on that car ...? The way she's scrunched up, it doesn't even look very comfortable .

The streets of Mumbai are such a perfect source for the most interesting stories! I've been tucking a camera into my bag almost every time I go out, to be whipped out whenever I see something interesting (much to the embarassment of my children). Which is just about every other minute. Most of those photos will never see the light of day because travelling at high speed on potholed roads almost always result in blurred photos.

I wonder when I'll be stopped by some suspicious soul to be quizzed on why I'm photographing some structure or monument or whatever. Imagine trying to explain blogging to someone who isn't very familiar with computers in the first place!


  1. Keep clicking away, Sunita - that photo is a real gem! You are so right, cities like Mumbai are so rich in stories, if only people would stop and notice.

  2. Ah there's the catch, Kamini! So few people have the time to stop and absorb the stories in Mumbai.

  3. Certaily a different place for a nap, one I would not have thought of! I think I left you a message here ages ago but I might not have clicked it to go. I have never forgotten your fantastic posts about your garden.
    Merry Christmas, dear Sunita and a happy 2013.

  4. It's always such a pleasure to find and hear you here, Trudi. Thank you for stopping by :)
    And a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to you too!