September 3, 2011

Write like a Booker winner?

I write like Margaret Atwood?
Whoa! .... before anyone thinks I've got delusions of grandeur take a look at this.

There's this fun new analytical tool out there specially for all of us bloggers and writers who may have pangs of doubt about the quality of our writing. Go to I Write Like and Copy-Paste a sample of your writing. It could be an excerpt from your blog or your diary or a few lines of doggerel .... just make sure its not your shopping list (though some of us are pretty creative with that too). The site analyses it and draws comparisons to famous writers.
So I copied out a few paras from one of my blog-posts and this the result I got. And since I'm the suspicious sort, I copied some paras from another blog-post ... and, same result. Time to celebrate?

Try it out, it's the greatest ego-boost ever.
Fun? Definitely!
Inspiring? When your writing is compared to that of a Booker winner (and winner/finalist/ nominee of just about every literary award there is) .... are you kidding me?!

I hope my publisher is reading this!

I write like
Margaret Atwood

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

(Absolutely no guarantees on the accuracy of the results but it's sure to make you feel good)