April 21, 2010

Sign of the times

The first sign that Summer is dancing a most violent tandav on Mumbai !
Every footpath sprouts mountainous heaps of watermelons promising cool relief from the ever-increasing heat.
But I love the movie poster providing the perfect background ... classic advertising!


  1. It sure is a " thrilling, gripping Experience" to sink your teeth into a melon slice at peak summer ! :-)

  2. lol! You bet, Yosee :D
    And considering the millions of advertising rupees that at least one of those stars is reported to charge, I wonder what he thinks of endorsing watermelons ;D

  3. Oh yes!! In Delhi too :) We bought our first Water melon of the season... I think last week :)And I read (Reader's Digest, where else)- that it is the healthiest fruit of all! (The next one is Guava) :)

  4. How cool!
    Here in Madras too this is a very popular summer delight, along with the ilaneeru, the tender coconut water.

  5. Mmmm... yes! Stands to reason, doesn't it, IHM? All that sweet, thirst-quenching juice ...yum!
    Just one thing worries me though. All those newspaper reports of vendors injecting colour and sugar syrups into the fruit . How horrifying!
    I think I should plant watermelons in my garden next season and get The Real Thing.
    BTW, how are you faring in the Delhi heat?

    Oooh yes! Raji, I love tender coconut water. Chilled with a scoop of the creamy pulp floating in it ... heaven!

  6. Oh for a nice big slice of that juicy watermelon! There has to be some reward for enduring the summer's heat, right? Nothing like watermelons, tender coconut water, and sweet, juicy mangoes!

  7. Oh yes, Kamini. There's nothing to beat that trio in summer. Except maybe chilled lime juice frosting down your lips.

  8. This Cucurbitaceae has never
    been popular in Puerto Rico.
    I can not understand why.

    But they are certainly
    unique.........and refreshing.

  9. That's surprising, Antigonum cajan! I always thought that the tropical lands and watermelons go hand in hand. So what do locals prefer to eat/ drink (I'm talking about the natural stuff here) when they need to cool down on hot, muggy days?

  10. Wonderful watermelons, they are probably all eaten by now and a new batch is on the way!

  11. Now it's "bhutta on the beach" time, Trudi. Come the monsoons and all the people of Mumbai crave hot corn slathered with spices and lime and roasted over hot coals on small portable stoves. Sublime!
    And, thank you, you just reminded me that it's high time I updated this blog (ooops!)

  12. yummy melons! Thanks for following me. i see u have a very interesting site here!